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About The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light

The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light is a Christian Spiritualist* ( see the message below) Church In Connecticut. We are judgment free. All are welcome. We meet in person on the 1st and 3rd Sundays ( and occasionally on the 5th Sunday of the month) in person and each week online.

We are located at The Bridge Healing Arts Center in the Awakening Room on the 1st and 3rd (and 5th) Sunday of the month.

You may ALSO join us on Zoom for all Sunday services from 10:30AM-12:00PM each week.

For updates or notifications to your email -please send a request to Cheryl Defosse our Chairman of the Board via the link below.

*All services are held on Zoom and streamed live when we are at The Bridge.


*Message to attendees at church (online and in person). Our format for Spirit reading is allotted to the time available in the service and at the discretion of the speaker. We have some speakers that do not do them at all. Spirit guides our guest speaker to persons who are open to receiving a message (some people are blocked). Every week our service and speaker are different. Spirit truly guides our church services and the guest speaker as well. ALL MESSAGES (as you probably have heard us say this too) are from spirit during the “readings”, even if YOU did not specifically get called on. Also, “Spirit messages are a greeting, not a reading”. Spirit truly guides our church services and attending service does not guarantee anyone/everyone a reading in the time available before service finishes at noon. Also, all the people who are guest speakers will be happy to book an appointment for a paid reading if you really want to connect with them. Most of our guests have a full-time business in their specialty. Our church hopes this clarifies our guest speaker guidance and reading protocols.



Joe Wueke

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